Keezel Review: VPN Encryption Just Got Simpler

Do you ever feel tired installing and managing VPN apps on various devices? If yes, then Keezel might just be the solution you need.

Launched in 2015 through an Indiegogo campaign, Keezel is a sleek, compact hardware device with integrated VPN capabilities. It’s built to safeguard your online activity when you to connect to an unsecured WiFi hotspot. Keezel uses VPN technology to encrypt your data and even streamlines the connection for multiple devices, meaning you can safely access the web from your laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Does that mean we say goodbye to standalone VPN services? That’s what I aim to answer in this Keezel review.

In this post, I’ll tell you everything I know about Keezel, and whether it eliminates the need to invest in a VPN. 

Keezel review

How to Use Keezel

Keezel is an egg-shaped device that you could buy on Amazon or another marketplace (stocks are always low). The device comes with 802.11 b/g/n WiFi support (both 5 and 2.4GHz modes are present), and it uses AES256 encryption by default. The portable VPN hub packs in an 8,000 mAh battery, which lasts 18-20 hours in a single charge.

Once you get your hands on this device, set it up on your devices by switching on your WiFi, connecting to Keezel, entering your password, and tapping Connect. The first time the process will take a bit but connecting your gadgets should be quick after that. Keezel springs into action when you connect to an unfamiliar network – as in, all your devices automatically connect to it when you switch it on, and all you have to do is configure the hub once to enjoy an encrypted connection over public WiFi. 

Keezel Pros

You must be wondering why you should go through the hassle of purchasing a portable VPN hub when you can download a VPN app from the web. So here’s what you don’t know: Keezel works with almost anything that can connect a WiFi network. This means you can connect your smartphone, tablet, Roku, Apple TV, and even PS4 to Keezel for secure streaming and browsing. That’s a lot more devices than a standard VPN tends to support. 

In other words, you can connect more than 5, 6, or 7 devices simultaneously and gain access to 1250 servers in over 160 locations. And if you face any issues during setup, you can reach out to Keezel’s customer support team via email for technical assistance. 

Another cool thing about Keezel is that it secures your browsing sessions from annoying pop-ups and malicious advertisements. The company behind hardware device partners with Le VPN, ProXPN, PureVPN, and NordVPN to offer plenty of locations and tons of bandwidth as part of your purchase. Although you can’t pick which VPN service connection goes through, you can decide the location of your server (for instance, you can choose a server in China, and Keezel will connect to it through one of its partners).

Moreover, Keezel doesn’t require you to install any software. You can set it up by pressing the only button on the device, after which all your WiFi-capable devices will be able to discover Keezel’s secure hotspot. To connect to the internet, type “keezel/” or “” into your web browser. Then, just follow the steps you see on the screen to connect to the WiFi network. 

Note: Keezel’s web GUI also has an Advanced Settings option. You can use it to activate 5 GHz networks for better performance. It’s also possible to enable auto-connect (prompts Keezel to connect to familiar networks automatically), activate ad blocking and anti-phishing, and activate VPN over TCP (TCP connections are typically present in firewalled networks). 

Keezel Cons

Like most other portable VPNs, Keezel has a few shortcomings. For one, switching between VPN locations isn’t as quick as with a desktop or mobile VPN. Plus, the time it takes to form a connection can be slower than other VPN services. Moreover, Keezel’s battery drains quickly when you connect several devices simultaneously. 

Keezel vs Top VPNs
Based on:KeezelOther VPNs
SpeedsReduce by 40-50%Reduce by 11-15%
Google Ping Time26 ms235 ms
Average connection time7 s25 s

Keezel also lacks in the customer support department. There’s no live chat support, so you’ll need to send your query via email. Alternatively, you can use Keezel’s submission request page to post your question/complain along with a file attachment. The support team will get back to you within 24 hours of emailing or submitting a support request – that’s not bad, but I’d have loved the ability to connect with someone via live chat. VPN services like NordVPN offer live chat support that makes VPN configuration and troubleshooting a breeze. 

That said, Keezel does have a comprehensive FAQ section where you can find answers to questions people typically ask about this device. 

Keezel Features

If you’re considering buying Keezel, here’s what you’ll get for your money:

No. of devicesUnlimited
Kill switchYes
Money-back guarantee15 days

Keezel unblocks Netflix

This isn’t a surprise, as Keezel partners with some of the best VPN services on the market. However, Keezel isn’t powerful enough to let you stream Netflix, Disney+, etc. on one device and browse the internet on another. So if you’re going to stream videos while being connected to Keezel, make sure you or a family member don’t have another device connected. Most Keezel reviews won’t tell you this.

Keezel allows torrenting, but…

There’s no point in torrenting on Keezel. The cost of the device plus Keezel VPN makes it infeasible for torrenters. Moreover, I didn’t find many Keezel reviews mentioning that people use it P2P and that it doesn’t have issues. Honestly, I think it’s better to use a VPN with dedicated servers for torrenting that doesn’t require you to buy a separate device.

Keezel Pricing

You can gain access to Keezel in three ways:

  • Purchase the device and use it with a free subscription.
  • Buy the device and get the premium service.
  • Get the device and buy the Lifelong Premium service.

The portable VPN router costs $159 + shipping.

The Premium plan costs $60 per year.

The Lifelong Premium plan costs $399 (one-time payment).

While there’s an option to use Keezel with a free plan, I don’t recommend it because you can only access 16 servers and your speeds will be 1-5 Mbps at most. With the other two plans, you’ll get access to 1,000+ servers plus 18-20 Mbps speed.

That said, you may not want to shell out $60 per year for a VPN that doesn’t allow torrenting. It’s just too much money. The good news is that alternatives like Avast SecureLine VPN are available from $47.88 per year and come with dedicated servers for torrenting  – plus, they offer you customer support via live chat 24/7.

Keezel FAQs

Why won’t Keezel connect to my WiFi?

If you’re having trouble connecting Keezel to your WiFi, try the following:

  • Click the hamburger menu in the Keezel dashboard – the three horizontal lines at the top-right corner (next to the battery indicator).
  • Select “Saved Networks” from the menu.
  • Click on each network and then choose “Forget.”
  • Switch Keezel off and then on and try again.

If deleting a saved network doesn’t solve your problem, it might be that a certain character or number in the WiFi’s name is causing the issue. In this case, changing the name to something short and simple can help resolve the problem.

Where do I find my Keezel activation code?

All Keezel devices are shipped in a box that contains a VPN activation code. The code is printed on a card and has a specific format: four strings of four characters separated by dashes. So it would look something like xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. You can fill this code without the dashes and then click “Activate Premium” if you bought the device with the Premium service.

And that brings us to the end of this Keezel review.

Final Verdict

Keezel is unique. It does something not many other portable devices are capable of doing – acting as a VPN on your router to protect any device you connect to your WiFI network. With good security features and decent speeds on the Premium plan, it looks like a worthy investment for specific individuals (such as those who spend a lot of time in public places).

However, I still think it is better to purchase a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN. Because not only it will protect you from public WiFi hotspots, but it will also provide you with access to streaming services along with faster speeds and better security.

But if you’re still interested in Keezel, you can order it through the link below:

Buy Keezel VPN Hardware

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