About us

Personal privacy is a blessing. And I get the feeling that many of us are not blessed. Corporations snoop on our buying habits. ISPs track what we see and do online. Social media networks list our information publicly. At no time our privacy isn’t at stake. Armed with all these feelings, I decided to launch Privacy Noob, a site to help my fellow internet users take back their online privacy.

The information I post on this website revolves around privacy-enhancing tools like VPNs and anti-virus software. I find it important to make people aware of these solutions, as using them helps safeguard our data as we circumvent different online restrictions and censorship. I try my best to do this as objectively and transparently as possible – the reason why you see real-world tests in many of the articles. 

The goal behind my research is to protect everyone from causal browsers to journalists from prying eyes while supporting a free and open internet – we’re still a long way from anything of this sort, but collective efforts should help get us there sooner. 

Who’s Running Privacy Noob?

A two-person team spearheads Privacy Noob on the daily. Operating from Pakistan, we encounter censorship and online restrictions in routine. For example, we can’t access the American Netflix library, watch specific YouTube content, or take advantage of international websites’ discounts. As such, we continuously explore and test solutions that give us internet freedom, security, and privacy. 

Here’s a bit more about us:

Adeel Qayum

Hey, I’m the guy who started this website and the voice behind Privacy Noob. I hold an MBA in digital marketing from Switzerland and wanted to work in the same. But my special interest in online privacy and security led me to start a website that has become my focus as of late. 

Most of what you see on the website was created by me, down to every cheesy pun to screenshots featuring different tools. I refer to the Privacy Noob team as “we” because there’s also another guy who oversees the technical side of the site, but it’s mostly myself working on the front lines. 

If you’d like to get in touch for a quick chat or offer up any constructive criticism, just shoot me a message through this contact page. You can also add me on LinkedIn if you’d like. Cheers.

Mohammad Abid

Mohammad Abid is an SEO specialist who is always ranking websites. He joined the Privacy Noob team to ensure our reviews and voice reach all corners of the world. Since joining, he’s been fully focused on content auditing, blog post optimization, and user experience.

 Mohammad also helps with testing when things get busy. He also has a keen interest in how virtual private networks work and the technologies they use to bypass various geo-restrictions. But he’s primarily focused on growing the search engine presence of the website. 

You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

How Are There No Ads on Privacy Noob?

Because we hate them, and we don’t try to sell you anything that you don’t need or want. However, Privacy Noob stays up and running by earning a small commission anytime a visitor signs up for the services or tools we review on the site. We use this ‘affiliate earning’ further improve our customer experience and maintain the website. 

Affiliate earning? Basically, we get a few dollars whenever our review takes you to a service provider’s site and some more if you decide to sign up. However, our affiliate parentship with different services doesn’t influence how we present their offerings. We take pride in being completely honest in our take – at all times. 

Opportunities at Privacy Noob

As stated earlier, Privacy Noob is on a mission to make the internet safer and better for everything by putting people back in control of their information. Come join our efforts to test the various privacy solutions out there and recommend the best ones to our readers. 

We’re currently open to expanding our team and have openings in content marketing, software testing, and product research. If you’re loving our stance and want to be a part of Privacy Noob, drop us a message