Is Creed 2 on Netflix: Availability and Streaming Options

Creed II, the exciting sequel to the critically acclaimed sports drama Creed, has captured the attention of fans and critics alike. The film, directed by Steven Caple Jr. and starring Michael B. Jordan, continues the story of Adonis Johnson, son of the legendary Apollo Creed, as he seeks to further establish himself in the world of professional boxing.

With the guidance of his mentor and father figure, Rocky Balbao, played by the iconic Sylvester Stallone, Adonis faces new challenges and adversaries in the ring. One question that commonly arises among movie enthusiasts is whether or not Creed II is available for streaming on Netflix.

As a popular platform, Netflix offers a vast range of films, including those from the long-running and beloved “Rocky” franchise. For fans eager to catch this heartfelt and electrifying sports drama, it’s important to know if they can access the film on their favorite streaming service.

Although availability may vary depending on their location, we have found that Creed II is indeed available for streaming on Netflix.

This will undoubtedly be a delight for those looking to enjoy the complex storytelling and intense fight scenes offered in this remarkable sequel.

Is Creed 2 on Netflix?

Creed 2, the sequel to the popular sports drama film Creed, has captured the attention of movie enthusiasts and boxing fans worldwide.

Many are eager to watch this gripping film in the comfort of their homes, and streaming platforms have become the go-to choice for convenient movie-watching experiences. But is Creed 2 available on Netflix?

As of now, Netflix subscribers may be dismayed to learn that Creed 2 is not available on the platform. Viewers who wish to watch Creed 2 will need to explore other streaming options. One such alternative is Prime Video, where Creed 2 can be streamed with an Amazon Prime subscription for $14.99/month.

That being said, it’s important to note that streaming platforms frequently update their content, and there’s always a chance that Creed 2 might find its way onto Netflix in the future.

In the meantime, fans can still explore other films on Netflix, such as the original Creed, which follows the story of Adonis Johnson and Apollo Creed, a father-and-son boxing team.

While it’s disappointing to realize that Creed 2 won’t be streaming on Netflix any time soon, there are various other streaming options available.

As always, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with news and updates on streaming platforms to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to watch your favorite movies and shows.

Creed 2 Overview

Plot Summary

Creed II, released in 2018, is a sports drama film that serves as both a sequel to 2015’s Creed and the eighth installment of the iconic Rocky film series. The story revolves around the life of Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), as he continues to forge his own legacy, escaping the shadow of his late father, Apollo Creed.

This chapter pits Adonis against the son of Rocky Balboa’s (Sylvester Stallone) former nemesis, Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren), in a thrilling showdown.


  • Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed: The protagonist of the film and son of boxing legend Apollo Creed.
  • Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa: Adonis’ mentor and close friend, also a former heavyweight champion.
  • Tessa Thompson as Bianca: Adonis’ love interest and partner, a talented singer coping with hearing loss.
  • Phylicia Rashad as Mary Anne Creed: Adonis’ adoptive mother and widow of Apollo Creed.
  • Florian Munteanu as Viktor Drago: The main antagonist, son of Ivan Drago, and Adonis’ opponent in the ring.
  • Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago: A former boxing powerhouse and Rocky’s one-time rival, now coaching his son.

Creed II not only builds upon the Rocky franchise, but it also delves into the emotions, relationships, and obstacles faced by its characters.

The film ultimately presents a compelling tale of pride, redemption, and the value of family, both inside and outside the ring, while showcasing powerful performances from its talented cast.

Alternative Ways to Watch Creed 2

Rental and Purchase Options

For those who prefer to rent or buy sports drama, Creed 2 can be easily accessed through various platforms. The movie can be rented for as low as $3.99 or purchased for $14.99 from the following services:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Apple TV
  • iTunes
  • Google Play
  • YouTube
  • Vudu
  • AMC on Demand

Keep in mind that the availability of these options may depend on your location and the devices you have.

Streaming Services

While Creed 2 is not available on Netflix, it can still be streamed through other services. The film can be found on TNT, truTV, and TBS on-demand.

These channels can be accessed either through a traditional cable subscription or a live TV streaming service like Sling TV or Hulu + Live TV.

Additionally, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime Video for $8.99/month (after a 30-day free trial) to enjoy the movie on your preferred devices.

Creed 2 Reception and Reviews

Is Creed 2 on Netflix

Box Office Performance

Creed 2, the exciting sequel to the 2015 drama film Creed, was a box-office success. As a PG-13 action-packed film, it attracted audiences, which contributed to its strong performance.

Critical Response

The reviews for Creed 2 were mostly positive, showcasing the film’s good blend of action and drama. The film was appreciated for its adherence to the franchise formula and engaging narrative. Critics commended the performances of the lead actors, Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone.

It was well-received for maintaining focus on the humanity of the central characters despite being a bigger, louder, and more grandiose sequel.

However, some reviewers felt that the film had few true surprises, as it closely followed the traditional Rocky series formula.

Nevertheless, the film managed to tap into the series’ history for dramatic potential, making it a solid installment in the long-running franchise.

Creed and Rocky Franchise

The Creed and Rocky franchise has been an iconic saga in the world of film, chronicling the enduring story of underdog boxers and their rise to glory.

It began with Rocky Balboa, portrayed by Sylvester Stallone, and continued with Adonis Creed, played by Michael B. Jordan.

Rocky Movies Timeline

The Rocky movies’ timeline spans several decades, starting with the original “Rocky” released in 1976. This was followed by:

  • “Rocky II” (1979)
  • “Rocky III” (1982)
  • “Rocky IV” (1985)
  • “Rocky V” (1990)
  • “Rocky Balboa” (2006)

These films tell the story of Rocky Balboa, the humble Philadelphia boxer who overcomes adversity to achieve greatness in the ring.

Creed III

“Creed,” directed by Ryan Coogler, is a spin-off of the Rocky films and focuses on Adonis “Donnie” Creed, the son of Rocky’s rival-turned-friend, Apollo Creed.

The first movie in this series was released in 2015, followed by “Creed II” in 2018.

The third installment, “Creed III,” is slated for a 2023 release, with Michael B. Jordan not only reprising his role as Adonis but also making his directorial debut.

Future of the Franchise

The success of both the Rocky and Creed series has solidified its status as a beloved and enduring cinematic universe. With “Creed III” on the horizon, fans are eager to see how the story of Adonis Creed and his connection to the legacy of Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed will continue to unfold.

As the franchise progresses, it promises to introduce compelling new characters and rivalries while paying homage to its roots, such as the “Creed II” storyline involving Ivan Drago and his son, Viktor Drago.

As long as the passion for boxing, underdog stories, and captivating drama persists, the Creed and Rocky franchise has the potential to thrive for years to come.

Behind the Scenes of Creed 2

Production and Crew

Creed 2, a sports drama released in 2018, has a runtime of 2h 10m and continues the inspiring story of Adonis Johnson (played by Michael B. Jordan), son of the legendary heavyweight champion Apollo Creed.

The film’s script was penned by Sylvester Stallone and Cheo Hodari Coker (Luke Cage), with inspiration drawn from Ryan Coogler’s 2015 hit, Creed.

The production team enlisted talented individuals, ensuring a confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and clear portrayal of the story:

  • Filmmakers: The film was expertly directed by Steven Caple Jr., with contributions from a skilled crew of cinematographers, editors, and sound designers.
  • Cast: Besides Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Johnson, the movie also features Sylvester Stallone reprising his iconic role as Rocky Balboa (Adonis’s mentor), as well as Tessa Thompson and Dolph Lundgren in essential roles.

Filming Locations

Creed 2’s filming took place in various locations using efficient travel and technology logistics. Some of the prominent filming locations include:

  • Philadelphia: Serving as the primary location, Philadelphia is where a significant portion of Creed 2 was filmed. Known for its rich boxing history, Philadelphia provides a realistic backdrop for gripping boxing scenes.
  • New Mexico: Some parts of Creed 2 were filmed in New Mexico, capturing the beauty and diversity of the American landscape.

Overall, the combined efforts of the production and crew, along with picturesque filming locations, contributed to the success of Creed 2, making it an exciting sports drama for fans and audiences worldwide.

The film is now available on various streaming services, including Netflix and Prime Video, enabling viewers to experience the journey of Adonis Johnson as he faces new challenges in and out of the ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Creed 2’s Netflix release date?

Creed 2 is not expected to be on Netflix anytime soon. The film’s distribution is handled by MGM and Warner Bros, which means that when it is released on a streaming service, it will most likely be on either Epix, owned by MGM, or HBO through their deal with Warner Bros.

Can I watch Creed 2 on Hulu?

As of now, Creed 2 is not available on Hulu. The streaming rights for this movie are with MGM and Warner Bros, so it is more likely to appear on Epix or HBO’s streaming platform.

Where can I stream Creed 2?

For the time being, Creed 2 is not available on popular streaming platforms such as Netflix or Hulu. Keep an eye on Epix and HBO streaming services, as they are the most probable platforms for its release due to their connection with MGM and Warner Bros.

Is Creed available on Netflix?

No, the first Creed film is also not on Netflix. Similar to Creed 2, the distribution rights are with MGM and Warner Bros, which makes it unavailable on the platform

Is Creed 2 available for free on YouTube?

Creed 2 is not available for free on YouTube. As a copyrighted film distributed by MGM and Warner Bros, it is not legally available for free on YouTube.

Is Creed 3 streaming on Netflix?

As there is no official information about Creed 3 yet, it is uncertain whether it will be on Netflix or not. However, considering the distribution rights of the previous two films, it is unlikely that Creed 3 would be streamed on Netflix.