11 Best Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online FREE in 2023 

Hindi films are becoming increasingly popular.

In fact, research indicates that Bollywood movie production has recently overtaken the U.S. film industry as the largest producer of films in the world.

If you are one of the many viewers flocking to Bollywood films, you’re likely underwhelmed by your existing streaming options.

Thankfully, we’ve assembled this guide to the 11 best sites to watch Hindi movies online for free in 2023. 

Use this guide to find and select the right platform for your needs, and start watching today!

What You Need to Watch Bollywood Movies and TV Shows Online

Before you choose a platform, remember to ensure that you are adequately prepared.

For example, you will need a device to watch the latest Bollywood movies online. While you can watch from a phone, tablet, or computer, consider how much battery power you use while you enjoy movies on your device.

Additionally, consider the following preparation tips below.

1. You Need Data or WiFi Access

You will need access to data or WiFi to watch Bollywood movies from your phone. Consider choosing a data plan that gives you more freedom to access your picked movie database. 

Alternatively, you can use WiFi and avoid additional charges or pricey packages from your phone company.

If you are using a computer, you will need WiFi access to use a streaming service.

Remember that you also need power for your WiFi to function—and streaming can use one to three watts of power an hour. 

2. Make Sure Your Broadband Can Handle Streaming Services 

Having WiFi alone isn’t enough. You need a broadband connection that can support streaming services efficiently.

Broadband speeds are expressed in megabytes per second. So while you can stream high-definition TV shows and movies on Netflix with 5 Mbps, this will only support one device.

Research suggests using at least 18 Mbps broadband to stream TV shows from services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

For multiple active streamers, choose at least 50 Mbps of speed.

3. Find an Affordable, Fast VPN Service 

Keeping yourself and your devices safe is essential when using various streaming services across the internet. To that end, consider using a VPN.

VPNs, virtual private networks, are secure, encrypted data tunnels that protect your confidential information, search history, and data from hackers and government intrusion.

Security experts consider VPNs essential to online safety, and over half of the internet users leverage VPNs to protect their information.

Additionally, some platforms listed below do not allow users in select countries to take advantage of their services. With a VPN, however, you can choose any streaming service you like.

Express VPN

ExpressVPN is a popular VPN service that enables superfast streaming across multiple platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

This VPN service is based in the British Virgin Islands, where they aren’t required to keep logs or share data with governments.

Additionally, the company uses industry-grade security like 256-bit AES encryption, OpenVPN, and TrustedServer Technology.

Link up to five devices and torrent as much as you want with ExpressVPN. Best of all? You can try it out for 30 days and get your money back if you aren’t satisfied.


NordVPN is one of the most widely used VPN services in the world.

Over 14 million users swear by NordVPN—and for a good reason. This super-fast service operates across nearly six thousand services in 59 countries.

NordVPN doesn’t collect activity logs, allows six simultaneous connections, and has a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can try it out at no risk.

The company uses the tightest security protocol, such as NordLynx, AES-256, OpenVPN, IKEv2, and IPSec. 

Find out why NordVPN is the preferred service of a customer base the size of Zimbabwe’s population!


SurfShark is a VPN service that distinguishes itself from others by allowing unlimited devices per account.

This is advantageous for those seeking to link the whole family to a secure, fast VPN network. 

SurfShark has over three thousand servers worldwide and uses the best industry-grade security.

SurfShark allows you to stream, shop, and torrent discretely, making it one of the best VPN services. 

Top 11 of the Best Free Sites To Watch Hindi Movies in 2023 

When watching Bollywood movies online on free websites, finding the right streaming platform can be difficult.

Most require you to invest a hefty sum in a subscription, while others may bombard you with advertisements to earn revenue.

Alternatively, you may worry about your privacy—or catching viruses from unknown websites and shady downloads.

With the proper preparation and information, you can quickly (and affordably) watch your favorite Hindi movies online—for free.

Remember to invest in a VPN service before choosing one of these platforms to protect your data and privacy and stream best and most efficiently.

1. YoMovies 

Watch Hindi movies for free on YoMovies

YoMovies is one of the best free online movie-streaming websites in the industry.

On YoMovies, you can watch the following:

  • Bollywood movies
  • Hollywood movies
  • Kannada movies 
  • Bengali movies 
  • Punjabi movies 
  • TV channels 
  • YouTube videos 
  • And more!

The interface is highly organized, allowing you to peruse content quickly, and it is accessible to most users—with the right VPN.

Because YoMovies isn’t allowed in certain countries, you will need the right VPN. We recommend using one of the above options for the best results.


  • Download Hindi movies: You can stream or download Hindi movies with YoMovies, but remember to use a VPN.
  • HD movies: YoMovies offers TV shows and movies in HD so that you can count on quality.
  • Superfast servers: YoMovies is widely considered one of the fastest streaming platforms available.
  • A broad selection of premium movies: With YoMovies, you can access thousands of blockbuster movies, popular Hindi movies, and more.

Pros & Cons


  • Simply interface with high-resolution movies 
  • A wide variety of content in different regional languages 
  • Videos from popular platforms like Netflix, TV shows, and online videos 
  • Free! 


  • You need a VPN since services aren’t secure (and potentially illegal, depending on where you are)
  • Advertisements are frequent and widespread on this site

2. Disney+ Hotstar – Best for Beginners

Diseny+Hostar is ideal for Bollywood movie buffs and users seeking to watch Hindi movies online with free streaming.

This Disney-owned platform distinguishes itself from others by neglecting to ask for credentials or private information upon login. 

Scope the latest Hollywood movies or enjoy recently released Hindi movies across diverse genres with this top-quality movie database.


  • Free or paid subscription: You can choose from a free subscription, which allows you to access all Hindi movies, or a paid subscription to get rid of ads.
  • Broad categories: Watch the news or stream movies on this comprehensive platform. Alternatively, you can watch tv shows or videos.
  • Multiple devices and 4K quality: Hotstar allows you to watch across multiple devices and stream in 4K quality, ensuring the best experience.
  • Blockbuster movies and award-winning content: Hotstar mainly offers mainstream content and blockbuster movies, so if you’re looking for niche products, this may not be the best platform for you.

Pros & Cons 


  • Free
  • Enables multiple devices 
  • Broad categories include shows, movies, online videos, and more
  • Top-quality viewing experience


  • Less variety than on other platforms
  • Includes advertisements

3. GoFilms4U – Best Interface

GoFilms4U – Best Interface

GoFilms4U is one of the best sites to watch Bollywood movies for free in regional languages.

This platform offers the latest movie releases and an extensive movie database to choose from hundreds of top-quality flicks.

Consider using a VPN to protect you as you surf the platform. 


  • Dubbed and subbed movies: With this service, you can access hundreds of dubbed and subtitled movies to boost your comprehension or learn a new language.
  • A vast collection of Bollywood movies: This service offers one of the best collections of Bollywood hits available. 
  • Interactive interface: This site is famous for its seamless user interface.
  • HD movies: This website offers top-quality HD movies and feature-length films in high resolution to ensure the best experience for every user.

Pros & Cons 


  • Simple, interactive interface
  • Latest releases
  • HD options
  • Dubbed and subtitled movies 
  • Fewer ads than on other sites


  • Less secure than others
  • Faster than some alternatives

4. Voot – Best Legal Alternative to Major Platforms

Voot – Best Legal Alternative to Major Platforms

Voot is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world—and an excellent alternative to pricier options like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

This platform offers the following:

  • Telugu movies
  • Bengali movies
  • Kannada movies
  • Hindi movies
  • English movies


  • Paid and free versions: Voot offers a paid plan in addition to the free program, which ensures fewer ads since the company earns revenue from paid plans.
  • Legal: Unlike other platforms, Voot is entirely legal, so you don’t have to worry about compromising your identity or information
  • Broad language options: With Voot, you can watch movies across many regional dialects and languages.
  • Supports multiple devices: You can use Voot across multiple devices and platforms and share it with the family.

Pros & Cons


  • Free and legal 
  • Fewer advertisements 
  • A broad selection of languages and genres


  • No downloads or torrents 
  • Fewer selections than more giant platforms
  • Some Hindi movies require a paid membership

5. SonyLIV – Easiest To Use

SonyLIV – Easiest To Use

SonyLIV wasn’t always popular, but this streaming service has made a big comeback with its diverse Hindi movie offerings in the last several years.

This digital entertainment platform offers free and paid content—and both have clear labels, so you don’t get confused.

SonyLIV is ideal for those seeking a clean, simple interface and premium options. It is one of the best free sports streaming sites available.


  • Clean interface: For many users, having an accessible dashboard can make a big difference.
  • Premium and free options: With various pricing packages, SonyLiv offers many options for every budget. You can also clearly distinguish between free and premium content without clicking on the title.
  • Live programming: SonyLIV allows you to stream videos and sports programming like WWE. It is one of the best UFC free streaming sites available.
  • Bollywood movies in every genre: Choose from genres like Trending, Drama, South Indian, Comedy, Action, and more.

Pros & Cons 


  • Simple interface
  • No sign-up required 
  • Multi-genre movies 
  • Clear labeling


  • Paid content 
  • Slower than other services

6. MX Player – Best for Dubbed Movies 

MX Player – Best for Dubbed Movies 

MX Player was once an Android movie player and has now expanded into offering Hindi movie streaming services.

This platform is ideal for those seeking dubbed movies and looking to benefit from dark mode so that you can protect your eyes depending on the time of day.

MX Player is also ideal for beginners since it is easy to navigate and doesn’t require signup.


  • Crisp, organized interface: MX Player features an easy-to-access dashboard with content organized by category.
  • Dark mode: Protect your eyes with dark mode settings.
  • Dubbed movie selection: MX Player offers one of the broadest selections of dubbed movies available.
  • Free: Unlike some platforms on this list, MX Player doesn’t even offer a premium version so that you can watch Hindi movies for free (and in peace).

Pros & Cons


  • No sign-up required 
  • Offers dubbed movies 
  • Clean interface 
  • Clear sorting protocol 


  • Fewer selections 
  • The relatively new platform—may have bugs
  • Not as fast 
  • Doesn’t include many regional language movies

7. YouTube – Best for Videos 

YouTube – Best for Videos 

YouTube is the premier streaming platform worldwide.

You can access many of the best movies, videos, and shows in various languages on YouTube.

While some YouTube channels stream their content legally (and for free), others do not, so you should use a VPN and exercise caution when using YouTube.


  • Accessible: YouTube is a reputable, established platform, so you can count on its broad availability across multiple countries and a reliable customer service arm.
  • Profile & recommendations: You can make a profile on YouTube and receive recommendations from the platform to enhance your viewing experience.
  • Bollywood movie accounts: To watch free Hindi movies, consider viewing accounts like Shemaroo Movies, Rajshri, and Goldmines Telefilms.
  • Diverse options: YouTube is an open platform where you can find everything from premium blockbuster movies to at-home videos.

Pros & Cons 


  • Legal and accessible
  • Tons of videos and shows available
  • Create a profile, save preferences, get recommendations
  • Diverse options 


  • Harder to find top-quality movies 
  • Not as fast as other platforms 
  • Difficult to navigate

8. Eros Now – Best Free Trial 

Eros Now – Best Free Trial 

Eros Now is an online streaming platform where you can watch a huge collection of Hindi movies and select titles in regional languages and dialects.

This website is free for 14 days, and you can watch any movie—including the latest Bollywood movies, regional movies, and more.

The dashboard is easy to acclimate to, and you can surf a huge selection of Bollywood movies and TV series.


  • Dark mode: This setting allows you to protect your eyes while watching Hindi movies.
  • Integrations: Eros Now is compatible with many other devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, and more.
  • Mainstream Hindi movie selections: This platform allows you to view a decent selection of mainstream Hindi movies.
  • Free and paid version: Because this platform offers both a free and paid version, you won’t have to worry about advertisements.

Pros & Cons 


  • Organized interface 
  • Dark mode 
  • No advertisements 
  • Accessible across multiple platforms and devices 
  • Cheap paid subscription


  • Free trial for only 14 days
  • Fewer movies in regional languages
  • Slower streaming speeds

9. JustWatch (Ex Spuul) – Best App

JustWatch (Ex Spuul) – Best App

Spuul is ideal if you want to watch Hindi movies on an app.

Although this streaming platform isn’t the best on this list, its app features a comprehensive, accessible interface, allowing users to access titles anytime and anywhere.

Spuul offers free content, but you may have to search to find it.


  • Top quality videos: Although Spuul doesn’t offer many free videos, they’re excellent.
  • No buffer: Spuul is fast, so you can stream without waiting for buffering.
  • Free and paid content: Unlike other sites, Spuul is always free, but much of the content is locked until you purchase a membership.
  • Top quality app: The Spuul app is excellent and easy to use, making this the best option for mobile devices.

Pros & Cons 


  • No buffer, and fast speeds
  • An excellent app that you can use anywhere
  • Access to free content


  • Most content requires a subscription payment
  • Most older movies are accessible with the free version

10. YuppTV – Best with a VPN

YuppTV – Best with a VPN

YuppTV offers a vast selection of online Hindi movies for free.

Additionally, you can watch free English, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada films. 

The site offers a free 14-day trial for most users, but you won’t be able to use it if you are in Malaysia or the Middle East.

Consider using a VPN for this service, as it is less secure than others and has certain geographic restrictions.


  • Diverse languages: With YuppTV, you can watch free Hindi movies and titles in various regional languages.
  • Supports multiple devices: You can use YuppTV across multiple diverse devices—including smart TVs.
  • Broad selection: YuppTV offers a vast selection of Hindi movies to watch for free.
  • Affordable options: You can use the free version or opt for a subscription package at a relatively low price.

Pros & Cons 


  • The broad selection of titles
  • Diverse linguistic options 
  • Supports multiple devices 
  • Super-fast streaming speeds


  • Only a 14-day free trial
  • Only a 3-day trial in Malaysia and the Middle East 
  • Premium subscription requires an additional investment 
  • More secure than others.

11. Zee5 – Simplest Signup

Zee5 – Simplest Signup

Zee5 is one of the top movie websites that offers a simple signup process.

You just have to access the site and click on a movie to start. You don’t need to enter personal information or credit card details to start streaming your favorite Hindi film today.

Zee5 has many old and new movies online, including Omkara, Golmaal, and more.


  • Adaptable to poor WiFi: This platform’s servers are pretty fast, so you can use it without the best WiFi connection.
  • Many languages: This platform offers movies in Hindi, Punjabi, and other regional dialects.
  • Paid service: Because this platform offers a paid service, it has fewer ads than others.
  • Multiple genres: Watch TV series, news broadcasts, YouTube videos, and more! 

Pros & Cons 


  • A wide variety of options is available 
  • High streaming speeds and robust servers 
  • Simple user interface
  • Few advertisements


  • You cannot access all titles with the free version
  • Fewer options than on other platforms
  • Not as secure as others

Wrapping Up

We hope you have found the perfect streaming platform to watch your Hindi movies for free online.

Choose from any of the above platforms for the best results, and remember to get a VPN to keep your data safe and your streaming services accessible. 

Happy streaming! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions about where to watch Hindi movies online for free.

What do I need to get started watching Hindi movies online?

To get started, you only need a device and a VPN.

A VPN will ensure that you keep your information safe as you navigate free online Hindi movie sites and will allow you to access your platforms from wherever you are.

What are the best VPN services?

The best VPN services are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and SurfShark.

What features should I consider when choosing the best online Hindi movie site?

Consider the genres available, dubbing options, pricing, security features, accessibility, and user interface. Additionally, you may wish to consider language options and disability access for special needs.