Is LootBear Legit? Analyzing the Authenticity of LootBear

Disclosure – I may get a commission when you buy through the platform mentioned in this post. The analysis and opinions below are based on my personal experience.

Israel-based LootBear is creating quite a buzz among the CSGO community. The marketplace allows you to buy and rent as many CSGO skins as you like. The renting feature is its unique selling point – anyone can sign up to LootBear and rent their favorite skins at a low cost. Skin owners, too, benefit, as they earn passively without needing to part ways with their items.

lootbear review 2020

Although the Netflix for CSGO skins (that’s what LootBear calls itself) looks like the answer to the prayers of CSGO players everywhere, a lot of people are not sure about its legitimacy. I say this because a lot of potential users are searching if LootBear is legit or another CSGO skin scam site looking to steal their money. How about we find out together? Let’s analyze the different aspects of LootBear to see if it’s safe to use.

How’s LootBear For a CSGO Skins Supplier?

LootBear is not a betting operator – you won’t find any casino or betting games promotions on its website. It’s set up to let you buy, rent or sell your skins. If you’re a CSGO skin supplier, you can sell your items at 60% of their standard market value.

Suppliers can also rent their skins through the “Profit” Page, setting the amount they want to charge in the skins’ settings. You can withdraw payments via PayPal – most platforms that offer this withdrawal method are considered safe to use. Plus, LootBear uses an adaptive machine learning system to inform you whether a payment or user is likely to be fraudulent. Nice!

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But how does LootBear deal with skin theft? Well, the chances that someone will steal/sell your skin aren’t high, but if the unfortunate happens, the marketplace has a 100% refund policy in place. In other words, if someone attempts to rip you off, the platform has got you covered.

What’s more, the site asks you to verify your identity through a PIN code if they feel someone is trying to gain unauthorized access to your account.

Lootbear account authorization

All of that implies that LootBear is legit and safe for CSGO skin suppliers. And, a lot of suppliers are already using and loving it – collectively, suppliers have earned over $3,000,000 selling skins on LootBear.

Is LootBear Legit and Safe for Buyers/Renters?

Many aspiring gamers fall prey to scams because they don’t know better. And the fact that there’s no shortage of illegitimate platforms out there doesn’t help. LootBear aims to help these gamers by offering a marketplace where they can purchase legit skins at affordable prices. But what makes LootBear legit, flexible, and one of the best websites to buy or rent skins from? Here are some arguments in its favor:

1. LootBear offers skin insurance

LootBear knows that there’s a chance that your skin might get lost. That’s why it offers insurance that guarantees the safety of your items or refund of your money. Only legitimate skin providers are in a position to offer you a refund should your skin be lost or stolen. However, most of the suppliers on the platform are trustworthy, so the odds of skin theft are quite slim. Still, you can have peace of mind knowing that your purchases will be 100% insured.

2. LootBear is trusted and used by the biggest YouTubers

And that alone is enough for most CSGO gamers to trust the platforms. After all, what other skin platform is backed by YouTubers reaching more than 30 million gamers? LootBear is backed by the likes of GrefG, MojoOnPC, and SwaggerSouls – YouTubers with millions of followers. Some of these YouTubers even own a stake in the platform, indicating that it is authentic and safe to use.

lootbear YouTubers MojoOnPC

3. LootBear is used by over 300,000 gamers

Both amateur and pro gamers rely on LootBear skins to keep refreshing their look. It’s no small feat that over 300,000 gamers have used the platform to buy and rent skins. Security-driven procedures have enabled the platform to gain the trust of many gamers and partners. Some of LootBear’s renowned partners are Foundation Capital, NFX, and the Junction.

4. LootBear is GDPR Complaint

Many LootBear users and non-users aren’t aware that the platform is GDPR compliant. The CSGO skins platform made a lot of effort to abide by the law immediately after GDPR became effective in 2018. A scam website can’t achieve the same due to the strict requirements in place.

5. LootBear offers decent customer support

LootBear offers all sorts of educational resources through its Help Center. You can access it by visiting LootBear’s FAQ has loads of content on rental skins as well as the other services offered by the platform. If FAQs don’t resolve your problem, then you can submit a support ticket by clicking on the support icon at the lower right corner of the Help Center page. Alternatively, you can try reaching out to LootBear’s support staff via email at [email protected]. Reaching out to LootBear on Facebook and Twitter can also sometimes help.

is Lootbear legit

6. LootBear respects your privacy

This is what we’re most interested in (duh, we’re a privacy-focused website). According to LootBear’s privacy policy, it uses your personal information to improve the platform, content, and services. They also rely on it for personalizing the user experience. However, they typically delete your account details permanently. Other than that, both registered users and visitors can read terms of use concerning LootBear’s products, subscription fees, eligibility, and payment processes. Plus, they don’t store your credit card information on their servers. Therefore, you can confidently buy even the most expensive skins via this platform without stressing over things

What Community Members and Review Sites Say About LootBear?

I made the above arguments after analyzing LootBear’s website. But since companies have a habit of endorsing themselves and encouraging partners to do the same, I decided to go further and see what people are saying about LootBear in online communities.

Here’s what a user said on

LootBear HLTV reviews

His experience tells us that the platform is legit, but it doesn’t do a good job of telling people about the differences between levels.

And here’s a LootBear Reddit thread:

LootBear reddit reviews

Both people who responded said it’s very legit.

Moving on, let’s look at LootBear’s Trustpilot rating:

LootBear Trustpilot rating

The platform has 4.4 stars and 84% positive reviews – which speaks volumes about its legitimacy.

Overall, the word out there indicates that LootBear is a genuine CSGO skins platform.

How LootBear Work?

Now that you know that LootBear is legitimate, you’re probably interested in using the platform. Well, you’ll need to go through steps like creating an account and choosing a subscription package. Go for the cheapest package as LootBear threads say there’s no benefit to getting the more expensive packages upfront. The basic package costs $14.99 a month and allows you to rent $400 worth of CSGO skins for one month before you give them back.

If you sign up as a skin supplier or seller, you can sell as many skins as you want. In case a user loses their skin in the time you rented it to them, LootBear will levy a fine on them. The company will also reimburse you the money according to the market value of the lost skin. Or they may offer you another skin carrying the same value.

Creating an account on LootBear is straightforward. After you provide the company with some information, add and verify your payment method. We personally recommend that you use PayPal for renting and trading skins. Once verified, provide LootBear with your Steam trade link. LootBear will then ask you to verify your identity via your smartphone. The process is almost immediate, but sometimes it can take 1-2 days for LootBear to verify your account. Verification prevents scammers and fraudsters from gaining access to your account.

Why LootBear Won’t Let Me View Trade Items?

There could be many reasons why LootBear isn’t letting you view or withdraw your trade items. A few common ones are:

Private Steam inventory

If your Steam Inventory is showing a private status, you won’t be able to participate in trading. Changing your steam settings may resolve the issue.

Trade locked account

A banned/trade-locked Steam account is another reason why you’re unable to view or withdraw trade items. Make sure to check your account thoroughly and ensure it’s not subject to any trade restrictions. Visit this URL for more info.

Rented item

If you are a CSGO skin supplier on LootBear, your item may be currently rented by a user, which is why you’re unable to trade it on the platform. If you want to take it back, you can place a request to “reserve” the item, after which no one will be able to rent it once the current user returns it.

7-day trade lock on the item

Valve has a 7-day trade ban on all items, so you can’t withdraw yours when it’s still subject to the 7-day trade lock period. You can see the remaining lock period displayed below the skin in your inventory.

LootBear Pros and Cons

LootBear offers a range of benefits:

  • Great platform to buy CSGO skins
  • Skin insurance for everyone
  • Risk evaluation for skin suppliers
  • Expensive skins at a low price
  • Easy-to-use website

LootBear’s shortcomings include:

  • Absence of peer-to-peer trading
  • Supplier money withdrawals restricted to PayPal
  • Lack of information about differences between levels


So is LootBear legit? My analysis says yes, but you should still take caution while using it, especially if you’re planning to use a debit or credit card. If you’re looking to sign up, use the link below to jump straight into creating an account.

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