UFC Free Stream – 10+ Best UFC Streaming Sites in 2023

In a Hurry? Looking for UFC free stream in 2023? You're not alone! Many fans want to watch their favorite fights without paying. That's why we've put together a list of the Best and Free UFC Streaming Sites. 

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1. BT Sport
2. HD Streamz
3. First row sports 
4. Sport Lemon
5. From HOTs
6. Acho TV
7. Fight Live
8. UFC YouTube Channel

There is a lot to love in UFC fights. From the rush of adrenaline that courses through your veins when the umpire takes the stage to welcome the fighters to the silent and palpable thrill that builds with every punch and kick from your preferred fighter. You can almost always feel disappointment when the fighters go to the ground.

With a UFC fight pass, you might be allowed to participate in the glory of UFC events. This is where knowing how to watch UFC live stream free comes into play. 

The internet is riddled with solutions to many common problems, and MMA fight streaming sites are among them. You are not alone on your quest to save a few coins while catching your favorite UFC event.

If you have any experience trying to find UFC 272 free streams, then you know how tedious it can be to navigate them. Unfortunately, everything is never completely free. 

If you want to know how to watch UFC pay-per-view for free, you must master your website navigation skills to avoid the common pitfalls of redirects and advertisements. Lucky for you, we took the time to search for the best UFC free streaming sites.

How to Stream UFC Free

As mentioned earlier, several potholes will have you going in circles while trying to watch UFC 265 live streams free online. However, there are tried and tested tactics that will save you time and effort when trying to find your way to high-quality streaming services. 

Avoid Geo-Restrictions on UFC Fights Through a Reputable VPN

You are ready for the epic clash between the heavyweights of the UFC arena. You have friends with you, and you are prepared to stream UFC.

Unfortunately, on trying to access your favorite website broadcasting UFC streams, you stare at an error message on the screen that reads, “The site’s owner has denied you access.” More often than not, that website might no longer be available in your country.

What do you do? You don’t give up on watching a free live stream of a UFC fight tonight, that’s what

You turn on a Virtual Private Network (VPN server) and go back to watch UFC. Not only do VPNs help you work around geo-restrictions, but also, they allow you to stream UFC Free matches with peace of mind as your information is kept safe from malicious software or hackers.

What are the Benefits of Using a VPN Server to Stream UFC FREE?

The internet is a convenient tool but is in no way completely safe. Numerous hackers are prying on unsuspecting victims who might be trying to watch their favorite UFC events. 

Whether you’re looking for free movie websites or are only in it for UFC fights, a good VPN provider will ensure that your private information is kept safe by providing you with dedicated IP addresses.

Additionally, if you choose to stream UFC fights from the numerous complimentary websites on the internet, ads come as part of the package. A VPN with an inbuilt ad blocker like Express VPN will help minimize the advertisements allowing you to cruise straight for the action.

The best VPN providers on the market are NordVPN and Expressvpn. Both have excellent safety features but still, save you a few bucks.

Be Wary of the Ads and Redirects

It would help if you were wary of advertisements and redirection attempts to live stream fights. Every click on the website might lead you down a rabbit hole that eventually terminates somewhere you don’t need to be. 

Check on the website URL and ensure it matches the button you clicked on. If not, cancel the search and try again.

Now we can finally get into the real reason why you’re here. If you need a UFC live stream tonight for free, these websites are bound to make your day or night in this case.

Top UFC Free Streaming Sites

If you are looking for the opportunity to watch light heavyweight champions such as Jared Gordon, or world champions like Conor McGregor, then the following websites are bound to float your boat.

1. BT Sport

BT Sport

First, in our list of the best UFC free streaming sites, BT Sport is the heart of mixed martial arts and hundreds of other live events. If you are trying to catch superstars like Max Holloway in action, this website is where you need to be. 

The website provides you with invaluable information, such as the winning history of a fighter and several other relevant statistics. In the long run, this will help you save time searching for information related to sports content.

The website also features an easy-to-use site map and interactive user interface that is mainly ad-free, making it ideal for those without experience dodging ads or those that hate the inconvenience. 

All the MMA live streams have options for HD streams. Unique to BT, you can access exclusive videos such as interviews, backstage banter, and title replays that knock your socks off.

2. HD Streamz

HD Streamz

HD Streamz is a sports and entertainment powerhouse that, for decades, has been the go-to website for all UFC fans and die-hard MMA lovers.

The website features a picturesque lilac background, making cruising through the pool of channels relatively easy. HD Streamz has various channels that host sports events, including Sky Sports, Supersport, and BT Sports.

With HD Streamz, you can access several sports events, free boxing streams, not just UFC, which is a bonus for those with diverse interests. A reliable internet service provider is all you need to unlock this world of infinite high-quality combat sports.

3. First Row Sports

First Row Sports

As the name suggests, First row sports gives you front-row access to free UFC streams that rival the T mobile arena in Las Vegas. 

Made by sports fans for sports fans, the website is dedicated to helping you find links with the fewest number of clicks possible. 

First row sports offers constantly updated information on upcoming fights, with ties being updated up to three minutes before the game preventing you from stumbling into dead ends.

The site operators guarantee that First Row Sports remains free, and the website plays host to multiple MMA streams throughout the UFC calendar.

The website is easy to use as the links to various websites are organized conveniently in clusters. First Row Sports boasts access to thousands of links to many mainstream UFC matches.

4. Sport Lemon

Sport Lemon

Not much is said about this website; similarly, not much is known, but if you can navigate through the numerous advertisements with an ad blocker, you are in for a treat at Sport Lemon

In tandem with the diversity of other websites with live streams, sport lemon features multiple sports across an extensive network.

Due to its anonymity, there are fewer ads than would be found on other websites putting it at the pinnacle of the best sites for streaming UFC content. The user interface is relatively easy to navigate, but you may have to click on a link several times before you get where you need to be. 

Overall, it remains a decent place to watch Jose Aldo in the main event of the ultimate fighting championship.

5. From HOTs

From HOTs

HOTs belongs to a cluster of websites that thrives on anonymity. If you watch UFC fights on the internet, you must have come across a secure website while cruising the internet.

Unfortunately, delivering high-quality UFC streams is not exactly by the book. Occasionally, some websites are shut down for copyright claims.

HOTs navigates this legal minefield through an ingenious solution. They do not host their own sports content on the website but instead provide links to external high-quality streaming sites that allow you to catch your favorite UFC fight in HD.

6. Acho TV

Acho TV

To stream UFC-free events, you need a steady internet connection and access to Acho TV. If you know your languages, you might have already picked up that Acho is a Spanish Website. The website might need translating at first, but once you understand the writing, you have immediate access to free UFC streaming straight from the source.

Acho TV boasts direct access to UFC streams from the official UFC channel. The website has minimal but straightforward advertisements minus the hassle of constant redirections.

Acho Tv is available both on PC and mobile devices such as your tablet, giving you unlimited access even on the go.

Acho is also available on iOS devices, but you might need to install Adobe Flash player if you choose to watch from your computer.

7. Fight Live – Watch UFC Live Stream Free

Fight Live

Fight Live is perfect if you want a website exclusive to MMA streams. Playing host to fight night for several decades, fight live has gone largely undiscovered for just as long. Only authentic fans used to go to Fight Live for fight night live streaming.

The website is nothing short of spectacular straight from the display to the ease of navigation. A convenient pop-up gives you updates on upcoming matches, including the time and link for live streams. Fight Live also has a search function that allows you to look for a specific game without sifting through multiple sports links.

8. YouTube for Free UFC Streaming


YouTube is already well known as a streaming platform for millions of hours of video, and it remains the go-to platform for people trying to watch UFC. YouTube allows you to get in on the action of fight night through hundreds of hours of sports streaming.

UFC has an official channel on YouTube that has several short clips on all the crucial moments in UFC history, along with more clips on its present through different UFC channels by other people. To make the most of YouTube, you must stay on the site.

Best Sites for Paid Live Streams

Sometimes watching UFC for free in high quality is out of the question. Important matches like the light heavyweight title event are broadcast under lock and key.

You could try your luck trying to watch UFC for free on the websites above, or you can skip to the good parts by streaming a UFC fight on a paid site.

If you are on this page, you are only looking to spend a little of your hard-earned money to watch UFC, which is why the best sites listed below are relatively cheap.

1. Watching UFC PPV Events

Watching UFC PPV Events

UFC is a subsidiary of American MMA in charge of marketing. On the UFC calendar are several epic showdowns, and you might get a fight pass by paying for a PPV event. 

Provided by ESPN, a PPV fight pass allows you to catch epic takedowns and submissions ad-free. PPV events have been at the forefront of UFC streaming for those that might have yet to have the opportunity to watch UFC from the Las Vegas strip.

2. ESPN Live Stream

ESPN Live Stream

An ESPN subscription is a powerful tool in the world of sports. Once you have access to ESPN channels, you can carry your access with you from your mobile devices. A simple ESPN bundle grants you access to watch all UFC events from anywhere in the world with the help of Express VPN or Nord VPN.

3. Disney Bundle

Disney Bundle

You can do more than watch free movies from your Disney subscription. A Disney bundle lets you watch select UFC matches and several other free streams, you can watch Hindi movies online as well on this subscription.

It doesn’t hurt that you also have thousands of hours of entertainment at your fingertips so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Several other streaming sites let you watch UFC for free without a fight pass. A few notable mentions are fire tv and or buying a UFC 282 ticket for the ultimate fight night experience. The internet is packed full of streaming sites, and you don’t need to be in Las Vegas to get in on the action of a UFC fight.


Here are some of the most common questions about watching the UFC for free

Where Can I Stream UFC Fights for Free?

You can stream UFC matches from websites such as Sports Lemon, Acho Tv, and HD Streamz. However, you need a reliable VPN to remove unwanted ads and keep your information safe.

Can You Live Stream UFC for Free?

You can stream UFC for free from multiple streaming platforms over the internet. You only need a good internet connection and a reliable website with links to UFC fights.


Unfortunately, at the moment, UFC on ESPN is not free. However, ESPN offers competitive pricing and access to several sports and exclusive content straight from UFC with an all-access UFC fight pass to help you make fight night memorable.