How to Watch Attack on Titan on Netflix (All Seasons) in 2023

Attack on Titan is a fantastic Manga and Anime series set in a world where the remains of humanity are forced to live in walled cities for their very survival. What are they hiding from? The massive titans roam the earth. The series follows a group of specialty-trained soldiers who protect the cities from the Titans. 

If you’re a fan of this massively popular series or are eager to try it out, you may wonder how to watch Attack on Titan on Netflix. But is AoT on Netflix? You may be able to watch it on Netflix in some areas, but in others, you may need to do a bit extra work first. 

This article will dive deep into how to watch this series on Netflix and some options you can try if the series is not available in your region. We’ll also review how many seasons of Attack on Titan are on Netflix. Keep reading to learn more. 

Find Attack on Titan on Netflix

Attack on Titan on Netflix

Does Netflix have Attack on Titan? If you live in the United States or Canada, you may have noticed Attack on Titan already on your Netflix feed. This may be particularly true if you are a fan of anime and often find anime recommended on your front page. 

For where to watch Attack on Titan, if you don’t see AoT on your landing page, you can use the search function in Netflix to find it directly. Or, you can go to the categories section of Netflix and search for the anime series. Attack on Titan is such a popular series that it is not difficult to find, even in the general categories.

Is Attack on Titan on Netflix in America?

Once you locate Attack on Titan, you will likely be surprised at how many seasons of Attack on Titan are on Netflix. If you live in North America or Canada, only the first season is available on Netflix. 

Other streaming services have the entire collection, but if you like to stick to one streaming service at a time or prefer Netflix, you likely don’t want to turn to another. 

The first season will be enough to get your toes wet, but you’ll want to know where to watch Attack on Titan season 2 apart from Netflix after that. Other sections in this article will examine how you can access the later seasons, even if you live in the United States or Canada. 

The only other downside to Attack on Titan in the United States and Canada is that the series tends to be removed from time to time without any explanation periodically if it is often added back to the streaming platform rather quickly. 

There is no public explanation as to why the anime is often removed and readded or why only the first season is available when Attack on Titan is currently in season 4. 

Availability in the United Kingdom

Unfortunately, if you live in the United Kingdom, you are even more out of luck. The United Kingdom doesn’t have Attack on Titan, not even the first season. While this anime was once available on United Kingdom Netflix, the platform removed it in February 2021.

Availability in Asia

Asia has the best luck regarding the Netflix availability of Attack on Titan. Depending on what Asian country you are in, you may have access to all seasons of Attack on Titan, including new weekly episodes when it is airing. 

This comes as little surprise as Attack on Titan is made in Japan, and it is little wonder that it would be fully available in its home country. The complete list of Asian countries that have all current seasons plus weekly episodes includes:

  • Netflix Japan
  • Netflix Philippines
  • Netflix Malaysia
  • Netflix Singapore
  • Netflix Thailand

Two other Asian countries have Attack on Titan on Netflix, but not the entire library. In South Korea, you can access season 1 and the first two sections of season 4. For Hong Kong Netflix, you can access the first two sections of season 4. 

If you’re wondering if Attack on Titan is in English on Netflix, even if all the episodes don’t yet have a dub, you’ll always be able to find English subtitles. 

Availability in Parts of Europe

If you live in France, you have a little luck when it comes to Attack on Titan. While you miss seasons 1 and 2, you get to watch both parts of season 3. 

Portugal and Spain have similar availability, with only access to season 3. 

Italy has access to all seasons, but unlike some Asian countries, it doesn’t get the weekly episodes as the new season airs. 

Why the Difference in Availability?

The availability from region to region usually comes down to one factor—licensing rights. Streaming services like Netflix typically have to pay a fee for the right to stream a particular show or movie. Depending on the licensing agreement in your country, along with licensing laws, this may help or hinder your favorite show or series from making it to Netflix. 

Where to Watch Attack on Titan Netflix When It Is Not Available in Your Area

If you are set on watching Attack on Titan on Netflix, and it is not available in part or in full where you live, you have two options: move or invest in a VPN. Frankly, it is rather inconvenient to upheave your life for just more favorable Netflix. 

The answer here is to find yourself a VPN. This is the way to access Netflix from other regions without considering immigration. 

How Does a VPN Work? 

The simplest explanation of a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a service that encrypts the data coming from your computer. This can include everything from your browser history to your passwords and banking information. The main reason why people use VPNs is for security, as it keeps people outside of your home from being able to access and read your data. 

A VPN works by routing all of your traffic through a VPN server. The server will encrypt all the data leaving your connection and keep you safe by hiding your location from the web. When someone sees your encrypted data, they will not only be able to read it, but they will also only be able to see that it came from wherever the VPN server is rather than where you are. 

While this works great for security purposes, it also allows you to trick the internet into thinking that you are in an entirely different country. This means that when you go to Netflix or another streaming service, that streaming service will think that you are located in whatever country you have your VPN server set to. With this simple trick, you can access the Netflix library from about any country worldwide. 

If you’re looking for a good VPN to get you started, a few that we recommend include:

  • Express VPN
  • Nord VPN
  • SurfShark 
  • CyberGhost
  • PureVPN

How To Use a Vpn to Watch Attack on Titan on Netflix

Later in this article will give a brief review of the 5 VPN services that we recommend. For now, we’ll overview how you can use a VPN to watch Attack on Titan and other series and movies that aren’t available in your region on Netflix. 

Start by choosing a VPN and installing it on your computer or network. Most good VPNs will have a fee that you need to pay either on a monthly or yearly basis. 

Once your VPN is set up, you can choose what country your data will be routed to. For the sake of watching Attack on Titan, we recommend going with one of the Asian countries mentioned above, such as Japan or Singapore. These areas will have all seasons of Attack on Titan available, including airing weekly episodes.

With your VPN set to your chosen country, open your internet browser and go to Netflix. You’re no longer getting recommended shows as you were on your home Netflix. This is because the internet thinks you are in whatever country you set your VPN to. You do not need to pay for a new Netflix account. 

Find Attack on Titan either through the search settings or by browsing through the anime category. Once you have found it, sit back and enjoy. 

Recommended VPNs

This next section will briefly review the five VPNs we recommended in the previous section. We’ll go over some of the key features and what makes each option great for you. 

Express VPN

Across the internet, Express VPN is often chosen as the number one option for VPNs. They that 94 countries worldwide, letting you pick one of those coveted countries that give you all seasons of Attack on Titan

You can use Express VPN on any tablet or device. You can even apply it to your router for whole-house coverage. Since you can also use it on your phone, you can even protect your data on the go. 

Express VPN has some of the best encryption available, protecting your data from prying eyes. All this security does not affect your speeds either, as Express VPN is designed to work lightning fast in the background, as some VPNs are known for lagging your internet speeds for security. 

Nord VPN

Nord VPN has been featured on sites such as Wired, BuzzFeed, Forbes, and BBC for its stellar service. Nord VPN goes above and beyond as a VPN service by offering services like malware detection and dealing with intrusive ads. Nord VPN attempts to tackle threats as they come, along with protecting your data with top-of-the-line encryption. 

Nord VPN is available on all your devices so that you’re protected at home and on the go. They even have encryption extensions for browsers like Chrome and Firefox. 

A standard subscription will allow you to protect up to 6 devices at a time, which is plenty for the average user. They have 60 servers to choose from in countries all over the world. All these servers allow you to experience great protection without dropping your speed.


If you’re the kind of person with many devices you need to protect with a VPN, then SurfShark may be the perfect option. Unlike other VPNs, SurfShark allows you to connect to unlimited devices, from your computers to your tablets, to your phone, and everything in between. 

As a bonus, SurfShark is the perfect option for those who spend a lot of time in their browser. This VPN comes with an Ad, Malware, and Cookie pop-up blocker. It also has two-factor authentication, along with 24/7 support.


CyberGhost is the leading VPN in flexibility and affordability. CyberGhost is so confident that you’ll enjoy the service that they offer up to four months free. Beyond that, the monthly subscription is extremely affordable compared to similar VPN services. 

One thing that makes CyberGhost stand out is its 6800 servers worldwide. So CyberGhost is the one for those wanting to watch Attack on Titan with particular servers. 

CyberGhost allows you to protect up to seven devices simultaneously and features 256-bit encryption, a no-logs policy, and DNS and IP leak protection. If you’re worried about your computer speeds, CyberGhost has the fastest speeds available through a VPN, meaning you will experience practically no lag. 

Pure VPN

The last VPN we recommend is Pure VPN. Pure VPN was featured on Techradar as an excellent VPN option. They have a great selection of servers, with over 6500 servers that cover 78 countries.

You can use Pure VPN with up to ten devices, which is more than the standard VPN average. For those who care about their speeds, Pure VPN guarantees that you’ll have 20 Gbps consistent speeds with their VPN. 

If you want to try out Pure VPN without committing, then you can try out their Safe Zone through their website, which allows you to see what it is like to have a VPN installed without even having to do anything. When you are ready to commit, Pure VPN offers long-term packages to help keep costs low for you. One of their most common packages is five years. 


If you want to watch Attack on Titan on Netflix, your best bet is to install a VPN on your chosen device and set your location to Japan, Singapore, or Malaysia. This way, not only do you have access to all of the available seasons, but you’ll also get to experience new episodes weekly as they air. 

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Watch other anime series like Dragon Ball Z, Haikyuu, or Naruto.


This final section will cover a few frequently asked questions.

How do I watch Attack on Titan on Netflix? 

If the full series is unavailable in your area, then your best bet is to install a VPN on your device and set the server country to Japan, Malaysia, or Singapore. 

How many seasons of Attack on Titan are there? 

The series is currently in its fourth and final season.

Why do some websites say there are six seasons? 

Attack on Titan only has four seasons in total. However, seasons 3 and 4 are split into smaller chunks. Season 3 has two chunks of episodes, and season four will have 3.