10 Best Music Torrent Sites in 2023

While you can stream almost any song from anywhere in the world, there are still plenty of reasons why you may want to download and keep the files locally on your devices. 

A music torrent is one of the best ways to download music to your computer. 

Buying music is an option, but with the millions of tracks released yearly, this option is too costly for most music enthusiasts. 

If you were around for the golden age of music downloads and Napster, you might remember torrenting music. 

While not as popular, torrent downloads are still an effective way for millions of users to gain access to their favorite music. 

If you’re interested in downloading music through music torrents, we’re here to help. We’ve spent time researching and testing the best torrent sites and found the below sites to be the ten best music torrent sites on the internet. 

If you’re ready to download the latest trap or Kpop albums, these torrent websites offer the best mix of safety, security, speed, and collection size. 

The 10 Best Music Torrent Sites

While there are hundreds of torrent sites to choose from, few have what it takes to succeed. Let’s get right on the list of the best music torrent sites. 

1. The Pirate Bay

Best Music Torrent Sites

As one of the oldest torrent sites, The Pirate Bay is still up and running after countless legal battles and shutdowns. 

While the web address may change, The Pirate Bay continues to deliver a smooth, safe, and fast torrenting service for music and other media. 

The Pirate Bay makes it easy to search for your favorite band, and you can find full discographies in a single music torrent. 

Music afficendos will appreciate the addition of FLAC lossess music files that offer superior sound quality compared to traditional MP3 files. 


  • Searching for files is easy and fast.
  • You can download movies, books, games, and other files from The Pirate Bay.


  • Many countries ban access to The Pirate Bay.
  • Constantly changing URLs can confuse users. 

2. TorrentDownloads

Top Music Torrent Sites

If safety is a top concern, you should use TorrentDownloads to torrent your music. Downloads undergo verification before listing on the site. This ensures every music file you download is safe on your devices. You won’t have to worry about viruses or malware on your PC

As for the music, TorrentDownloads offers an extensive library of music torrents. Updated daily, you’ll have no problem finding today’s biggest hits. 

Do you have a favorite music genre and want to find new artists? TorrentDownloads sorts its music section by genre. This makes it easy to browse the forum and find new and upcoming artists.  


  • All torrents on the site are verified to ensure the files are safe for download.
  • Organized by music genres, you can find music easily on TorrentDownloads.


  • Some ISPs target the site and block access to TorrentDownloads.
  • There is no sorting of search results on TorrentDownloads.

3. 1337X

Best Music Torrent  Websites

1337X offers a user-friendly experience and helps users find the hottest music quickly. 

While many other music torrent sites have outdated interfaces, 1337X excels with a sleek web 2.0-style design

The site design also makes it faster and easier to navigate. You’ll have no problem finding a musician’s obscure album or their triple platinum hits. 

On the main page, the site delivers a list of the popular music downloads in the last 24 hours.

Of course, you can find everything from the latest movies to video games on 1337X. 


  • One of the best user interfaces on our list.
  • You can download music with high-quality FLAC files on 1337X.


  • Austria, the UK, Ireland, and Australia block access to 1337X.
  • The site often has slower download speeds than other torrent sites. 

4. LimeTorrents


LImeTorrents is a multimedia torrent site designed for fast downloads. The site offers a massive collection of links to music, movies, games, and other media types.

The music section brings you to the top 100 downloads once entering the site. From there, you  

can search for music by artist or music albums. 

Unfortunately, LimeTorrents does not offer advanced sorting like other sites. If you want to search by genre or year, other torrent sites offer better options. 

If you’re a professional video jockey, LimeTorrents offers a dedicated section with music video downloads.  


  • Registered users can use a personal RSS feed to display their favorite genres and artists.
  • You can easily see the file type and size before starting a download. 


  • You can’t access LimeTorrents in Australia, France, and the UK. 
  • Some torrent pages have several links that send you annoying video ads. 

5. MixTapeTorrent


Do you prefer your music in long-form mixes? MixTapeTorrent has you covered. This torrent website offers exclusive live DJ mixes, rap mixtapes, and unreleased tracks for your enjoyment. 

DJs will love this site since you can download songs and mixes that other DJs won’t have. If you want to impress your crowds with brand-new music, this site is a great tool for any working DJ. 

While the site focuses on hip-hop, dance hall, and R&B, you can find other music as well. MixTapeTorrent offers a huge selection of acapella, instrumentals, and remix music.


  • MixTapeTorrent is the best site for unreleased remixes and DJ mixes.
  • This music torrenting site is an excellent source for unsigned music, acapella, and bootleg tracks.


  • The site does not have singles or albums in popular music genres. 
  • It is hard to find specific genres of music on MixTapeTorrent.

6. Torrentz2


Torrentz2 offers a simple and sleek interface. The site opens to a search bar upon entering the site. Aside from searching, you can also check out trending, top, and new torrents on the site. 

While there are minimal options for searching, it’s easy to find your favorite music on Torrentz2. The search algorithm is advanced and returns partial matches, and corrects misspellings. This makes it easier to find an album if you don’t know its exact name.  

Unfortunately, the site does not offer to browse or search by genre of music. Torrrentz2 is best for users looking for specific artists, songs, or albums. 


  • Torrentz2 is one of the oldest torrent sites and has an excellent reputation for safety.
  • An excellent search algorithm gives users plenty of relevant search results. 


  • The minimal interface makes it difficult to browse for new music. 
  • Many ISPs target and block access to Torrentz2.

7. Dirty Torrents

Dirty Torrents

Don’t let the name of this site scare you. The torrents on Dirty Torrents are safe and secure. DirtyTorrents prides itself on its verified collection of over seven million torrents. The site combines the results of other torrent hosting sites giving you a large selection of files.

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for all your torrents, Dirty Torrents is one of the best options on our list.

 If you don’t mind waiting until after the fight, Dirty Torrents has UFC and other MMA fights available for download. This makes it an ideal alternative to the best free sports streaming sites.


  • Dirty Torrents has access to millions of movies, games, books, and other files.
  • You can sort torrent search results by date, seeds, and peer making it easy to find a valid torrent.


  • Many international ISPs block Dirty Torrents.
  • DiretyTorrents has slower download speeds than its competitors.

8. Torlock


Torlock is one of the best music torrent sites for verified files. The site only posts verified torrents. This means you won’t have to worry about downloading incorrect files, malware, or viruses while using the site. 

The site offers a dedicated music section that makes it easy to find your favorite artists. 

Torlock has a fast average download speed compared to other sites on this list. It also boasts over five million torrents in its collection. 

The one downside to Torlock is the number of ads and popups on the site. We suggest using an adblocker to avoid advertisements while browsing torrents on Torlock. 


  • There are no fake or malware-infested torrents on Torlock. 
  • You can sort search results by size, date added, seeds, peers, and health. 


  • Torlock is covered in ads and often displays x-rated advertisements on its pages.

9. GloTorrents


GloTorrents gives you more control of your search results while browsing for new music. The detailed search interface lets you pinpoint specific torrents easier than other music torrents.

GloTorrents also has a dedicated community of users. You can sign up for their forums and interact with other users. 

The music torrent forums are a great way to find new music, movies, Hindi movies, and shows.  The forums offer an excellent FAQ section that answers many questions related to torrent files. 


  • The detailed search engine options make it easier to find the music files you want. 
  • GloTorrents has a great selection of movies, games, and other media types.


  • Several ISPs block access to GloTorrents
  • GloTorrents changes its main URL often.

10. RU Tracker

RU Tracker

While reading the Russian text on the RU tracker might seem intimidating, it’s easy to translate the site to your preferred language. If you are using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to browse, you can right-click anywhere on the site to translate the text. 

Once translated, you have access to one of the best music download sites on the internet. The music section splits into genres and sub-genres. This makes it easy to browse the site and find new music. 

RU tracker also splits its music into lossless and lossy formats. This lets you choose quality audio or speedy transfers. 


  • The deep genre choices let you find brand-new music. 
  • Each torrent page gives you detailed information about the artist and album.


  • Many regions block access to RU Tracker and other Russian websites.
  • You need to create an account to use the best features on RU Tracker.

Everything You Need To Know About Torrenting Music

Are you still unsure about using torrents while downloading music? Below are some of the most common questions people ask about torrenting. 

Is Torrenting Music Legal?

Torrenting files is legal. Sharing files through torrenting is always legal, and safe. 

But, torrenting copyrighted files is illegal. If you are caught downloading copyrighted material, you can face repercussions. 

Many ISPs contact abusers and may cancel your internet service. In extreme cases, you may face legal repercussions and fines for downloading copyrighted music.  

While we don’t condone downloading copyrighted music, installing a VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN can protect you from repercussions. 

A VPN hides your IP address and all your online activity from your ISP. 

What Do You Need To Download Music With Music Torrents

Before downloading music from a torrent, you’ll need to download a torrent client. The client is an interface that lets you download and manage torrent files. 

Some of the best torrent clients include uTorrent, BitTorrent, and Libtorrent. 

Along with a torrent client, you’ll want to use a VPN while downloading torrents. A VPN protects you and your data while downloading. VPNs also let you access blocked sites giving you access to more music.

Finally, you’ll want to install an adblocker when using many of the above music torrents. 

Most torrent sites support themselves through advertisements. Unfortunately, popups and adult-related advertisements make searching the sites annoying and cumbersome. An ad blocker like uBlock or AdBlock is easy to install and keeps your computer ad-free. 

Is It Safe To Torrent Music?

While downloading audio files from many sites is safe, no torrent is 100% safe. Downloading any file from a torrent site puts your computer at risk. 

While sharing files you run the risk of downloading malware or viruses. Luckily, many of the above torrent sites only share verified files. This makes downloading much safer.

Downloading or sharing copyrighted music also puts you at risk. Many users have faced hefty fines for breaking anti-piracy laws. 

Your ISP may contact you if they notice you are downloading copyrighted files. This can lead to the suspension of your account or throttle internet speeds.

We encourage any torrent user to understand the hazards of downloading music through a music torrent site. 

Why You Should Use a VPN Service While Torrenting Music

You’ll notice that you can’t access many of these sites in certain countries or while using ISPs. A VPN lets you access these sites from anywhere in the world. 

A VPN like ExpressVPN hides or changes your location making it harder for them to track you.

While using a VPN, your ISP won’t know what files you are accessing giving you free access to download all your favorite albums.  

A VPN also protects while streaming movies to television. This makes it easy to access the best free online movie streaming websites without worrying about your ISP. 

Alternatives to Music Torrents

If you’re still intimidated by music torrent downloads, there are other ways to download music without torrenting. 

You can download any music file on Youtube or SoundCloud through several websites. This gives you access to billions of tunes. One of the biggest drawbacks to using this method is audio quality. Most of the downloaded files won’t have high-quality lossless playback. 

Still, if you’re not worried about quality, you can download nearly any song directly from YouTube or Soundcloud.

Best Music Torrents Summary

Torrenting is an incredibly effective tool that gives users access to millions of songs. 

While there are legality concerns when torrenting copyrighted material, torrenting is a safe and secure way to download music. 

All the above music torrent sites offer extensive music collections and a safe way to download them. Did we miss your favorite music torrent site? Let us know. 

Don’t forget to use a VPN while accessing any of the above sites, or UFC free streaming sites. Nord VPN  or Express VPN protects you and prevents tracking of your data while torrenting music.